Kaohsiung ICCK

Oct. 31 - Nov. 01

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In these days, the world overwhelmed by softwares, data continues to flood in as everyone try to grasp them. Mobile application is the last-mile technologies that can be use to collect the users’ information. Nowadays smartphones and tablets are so popular, wearables continue to be the hottest fashion, IoT devices are anywhere around our life, and smart textiles try to deal with the bottleneck in manufacturing…all of these portrait the future that fills with data stream.

At MOPCON 2015, we choose the keyword “CONNECT” as our main topic this year. In this era that all things can be connected to the network, and data are most-crucial, we want to re-construct the social links that connect human relationships.

About Sessions

Since 2012, we at MOPCON bring many mobile-related topic under the spotlight, including application development, cloud services, digital contents, creative business model, Big data, wearable devices, sports and health care, home automation system, TV high-definition contents, design and development simplicity.


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