2017.10.28 - 10.29  International Convention Center Kaohsiung

Devel Night / Hyperconnectivity

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Before the term " Web 2.0 " came up ten years ago, there has been a term called " Hyperconnectivity ", which describes the impact made by the more closely connected relationship between people as well as the interconnection with faster communication between people and machine. Nowadays, Web 3.0 is advancing and growing in full force with Iot and Cloud Computing. Besides the rapidly growing online services and the development of smart devices, the invention of technology like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Virtual Reality(VR) are dramatically changing the way people interact with each other, and with machine. Therefore, we decide to rethink and discuss the meaning of "Mobile Open Platform."


Being held for the 6th consecutive years, Mobile Open Platform Conference (MOPCON) is the biggest tech conference in southern Taiwan, as well as a significant platform for community, developers, students, startups, and many extraordinary contributors to share and exchange ideas and experience. Here, we discuss and share the first hand, real-world case with attendees, in the hope of stimulate the maturity and development of more outstanding developing projects.


This year, the core spirit of 2017 MOPCON is " Hyperconnectivity - IoT , Interaction, Smart-technology ", discussing more broadly about issues such as chatbots, wearable devices, applications of IoT, data analysis and machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, leading attendees discuss about a higher connected future world.



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After the remarkable session deliver by masters at home and abroad, do you still have questions unsolved? Come to Devel Night if you want to learn more, or to have more communication with speakers you long admired. Join dinner and have further interactions with our speaker! The list of the speakers that will attend Devel Night are as follow:

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